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more than 160 others. america live. >> i'm john scott. the news is breaking fast out of suburban boston. the helicopters are up over cambridge, massachusetts right now. ground shots coming to us from watertown, massachusetts where a wild police chase ended in the middle of the night. both cities part of a huge lockdown of the greater boston area that continues to this hour. cabs, trains, planes, all stopped in a desperate effort to corner a terror suspect. >> this started yesterday at 5 p.m. eastern time when the fbi released pictures showing two bombing suspects. the feds asked for the public'ss help in identifying them. the fbi has now identified one of them as 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's still on the run. the other man is his brother, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev. he's the older brother. he is now dead, killed in a wild overnight police shootout.
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these two brothers said to be from a russian region near chechnya and believed to have been in the u.s. for quite some time. in the hours since the fbi first made the images public, we also received this chilling photo. look at this. can you see it? we've sort of blocked -- we've blocked the faces. it's actually not that user friendly now that we've blocked the faces, but it appears to show one of the suspects standing behind the 8-year-old little boy, little martin richard, who was murdered at that marathon at the second location. this is the second bombing on monday. you can see the backpack on the bottom, you can see the suspect in the back, and you can see the 8-year-old in the full screen picture that settle original of what we're showing you here. >> that suspect, disok dzhokhar tsarnaev, his uncle was pronouncing his name differently in the i in media.
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suspect number two in the white hat seen a few feet away from the 8-year-old victim. just behind the barricade you can see the black backpack that apparently later exploded. so here's how we got to this point. 10:20 p.m. last night eastern time. shots reported fired on the mit campus. 10 minutes later at about 10:30 p.m., a campus police officer found dead in his car. we now know that that officer was 26 -year-old sean collier. had been a member of the mit police force since january of last year. at about that same time, police get reports of an armed carjacking by two men. 30 minutes later, 11 p.m. eastern, the carjacking victim was let go unharmed. less than an hour later, police corner the suspects. then at 12:51 a.m., reports of gunshots. take a look at what it looked like as the swat teams moved in. now listen as the shootout is caught on amateur video.
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>> there is explosions and gunfire going on down the street. >> megyn: less than 10 minutes later just before 1 a.m., police report explosives have been detonated. by 1:25 a.m. there are reports that a suspect is in custody. we now know that suspect was the older brother. he died of numerous gunshot wounds. that's what they're saying now shortly after the report came
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in. at approximately 4 a.m., watertown residents are told to stay inside of their homes. by 6:35 a.m., the suspect who got away from cops is identified as dzhokhar tsarnaev. roughly two hours later the now dead suspect is identified as the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. throughout the rest of the morning we've seen armed officers searching and swarming the watertown area, at times hearing what appeared to be gunshots. we've witnessed people literally running for their lives, heavily armed officers carrying a small child urging them to get away from the area. bill has the latest? >> reporter: good afternoon. we want to show you a picture from cambridge, massachusetts, only a couple miles from where we are where it appears a group of swat team members have now gathered. we're not quite sure what they're doing or getting ready to do, but about 30 minutes ago our crew over by that scene said they report a controlled explosion that took place there. why that was carried out is not
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certain. it's not clear, either. a big wind coming through our location here in boston's back bay now, so hang with us a moment. why the controlled explosion happened, we do not know. we were given an update on that by police a short time ago. that was to be expected. i want to tell you where we are so our viewers have a better understanding as we move through the geography throughout the boston area now. the sirens you hear in the background along the massachusetts turnpike, interstate 90, that literally runs right beneath our location. also behind me now, this is boyleston street. the public and media cannot go any further down the street. this is 955 boyleston. that's the street address. you were showing us dylan's restaurant and bar on boyleston. if you went two blocks behind me, you would arrive at 755 boyleston and that's where you'll find the forum restaurant. the forum restaurant, wow, that is a strong wind kicking up
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here. the forum restaurant is where the second explosion took place. i point that out, megyn, because you and john were showing the image released on behalf of the fbi where that 8-year-old child, martin richard, was standing when that bomb blew up and killed him, severely wounded his sister, severely wounded his mother. they're still hospitalized to this day. boyleston street is where the marathon runners would have been going toward the finish line, the end of the 26.2 mile run. the other reason that's significant, that direction of traffic, is the fbi told us last night that on that video and in those pictures, they believe the two bombers, the two terrorists had dropped each bomb that went off 12 seconds apart and then walked from east to west which would have been against the traffic of the marathon runners. the reason that's important is because you can duck down these streets to the right, scoot over to newberry street or com avenue
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and work your way to the bridge that takes you over the charles river. that means you're literally a quarter mile away from the scene of the crime if it is true that the bombers hid out there for the past five days, they were less than a quarter mile away from where they committed this carnage. that's a stunning development we're still trying to run down with the police throughout the day here. there was a briefing 30 minutes ago. precious little information other than this major headline. there is no apprehension. they have not accounted for terrorist number two yet here in boston, massachusetts. >> and we continue to watch. bill hemmer, thank you. >> megyn: the fbi is investigating whether anyone else is involved in the whole thing. a senior source on capitol hill who has been briefed by the national counterterrorism center telling us it is, quote, really important that we try to take this guy alive so agents can ask
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questions and figure out whether more people are involved in this. they do not know whether this scheme has been limited to these two brothers. the source saying that the fbi is investigating whether these two went over seas, one or both of them, and whether one or both of them were potentially radicalized in the united states since arriving as much as a decade ago. it appears they came into the country in two different years. they are looking into their travel history. they are tracking passports, airline tickets, and other data. our source also saying that officials know the two suspects are muslim and are trying to find out whether they attended a mosque in the area. again there is from a source who has been briefed by the national counterterrorism center. these are all leads that they are trying to track down right now including the most significant one i mentioned there which is was anyone else involved, saying it's hard to believe they did this without help or training and perhaps training overseas.
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>> from that same source on capitol hill, we also know these two suspects posted videos on line and, quote, espoused sympathy for al-qaeda. >> john: let's look at what else we know about these brothers and their backgrounds. as we do that, remember this picture. the suspect police are tracking down at this very moment, coming within a few steps of the little 8-year-old boy who was ki killen the attack. the spot sha shadow highlighting dzhokhar tsarnaev and just to the eleventh o left of the shade little 8-year-old victim of the bombing. trace gallagher is live in the west coast newsroom. >> the family said the brothers have been in the united states for the better part of a decade. they lived together just outside of boston. they came from a russian region near chechnya which has been plagued by islam ic insurgents
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because of separatists wards. both attended very prestigious public schools in the boston area. 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev who was killed earlier this morning had a youtube channel with a terrorist play list that included bloody videos and messages about allah and martyrdom. an account where he ordered books on chechen separatists and the mafia. tamerlan was involved in mixed martial arts. he was a golden gloves boxer who won an award for best boxer in his weight class. tamerlan t tsarnaev was arrested in 2011 for assaulting his girlfriend. it's unknown if they were still dating at the time. he was enrolled off ad on in a community college. he was said to be working odd jobs and a.p. is just now reporting that last year he traveled to russia outf jfk and he was gone for six months. his 19-year-old brother diso dzr
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tsarnaev is a student at the university of massachusetts dartmouth. his father said he is a second year med student. that's not been confirmed. he wrestled in high school, was said to be a star athlete and student. those who know him say he was well like, very kind, and they're very shocked to hear about this. he has a page on the russian equivalent of facebook where he says he is muslim and that his personal goals are career and money. his father called him a true angel. his uncle, who lives in maryland, was not nearly as kind. listen. >> th i say what i think behind, being losers, not being able to settle themselves and thereby just hating everyone. >> reporter: while the search goes on, we continue learning more about these two brothers, what is still unknown at this point, john, exactly how the younger brother was able to escape. as we get more, we'll continue
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covering. >> john: the search for him goes on. that's what we're covering right now. trace gallagher, live in our west coast newsroom. thanks, trait. >> megyn: we'll have much, much more after the break with a woman who lives next door to these two boys and their family for years. wait until you hear what she has to say about them, and she has details on their parents that we have not yet heard as well. she's live next as the manhunt continues. [ female announcer ] from more efficient payments. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitless.
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>> megyn: welcome back to continuing coverage of the manhunt in and around the boston area. you're looking at aerial photos of cambridge, massachusetts where the city and the surrounding areas remain in a virtual lock down. authorities urging residents at this hour, 1:15 eastern time, to stay indoors and to keep your doors locked. they do not know where the remaining suspect in the boston marathon bombings is. he goes by the name dzhokhar tsarnaev.
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he is 19 years old. you can see the fbi very much wants to find him. they've been going door to door in and around the boston and watertown area all morning. they said about 45 minutes ago that they had completed about 70% of the area going inside houses and searching for this man. they've not yet found him. there has been no apprehension yet, but they are trying to find this man, and they would prefer to take him alive. this terrorist and his brother grew up next door to our next guest, and she remembers the tsarnaev brothers as sweet young boys and can't believe what she's hearing. emily long joins us by phone from sterling, virginia. she and her husband were next door neighbors of these suspects' families. emily, thanks for being here. i'm sure it's strange for you to hear these two boys next door to you described as terrorists. >> it's extremely surreal. > >> megyn: how did you relate with them? what were your experiences with
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them? >> one of the first experiences i had with those boys, i have a young two and a half-year-old and a baby. we shared a courtyard together. i was bringing in groceries and tamerlan saw me. he was on the third floor of their building and he ran down and helped bring in the groceries without any prompting, and this happened regularly, this occurrence, you know. they were always looking to help dzhokhar always had the sweetest heart. when i think of him, i think of his sweet smile. it's so hard for me to put this together. it's completely surreal. >> megyn: what you're watching on screen left is overhead aerial shots and ground shots of cambridge, massachusetts where the police presence is heavy and the manhunt continues. emily, how long did you live next door to them? >> we lived next door to them for a year and a half, but we still owned our house for another two and a half years,
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and so we constantly were popping back and forth back to boston, and we've stayed in touch since then. we lost touch the past couple years, but this is a family that he we still send christmas cards to. they're very dear to us. in fact, my husband and i were saying this morning how everything we learned about hoss ihospitality was from this family. they're so generous, so giving, and my heartbreaks for their mom and dad because i just know they've already been through so much, and this is just heartbreaking. >> who lived in the house, the mother, the fact, these two boys, and who else? >> the two sisters. >> megyn: are the sisters older or younger. >> tamerlan is the oldest, then the two girls, and dzhokhar is the youngest. >> megyn: do you have information where the sisters are now? we heard one might be in new jersey. >> we with lost contact with them over the years. i don't know. >> megyn: we heard that the father's english wasn't necessarily all that great. how about the mother?
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>> they were very educated, so i heard his brother interviewed earlier. his accent is similar. i feel for his brother, too. i see he's trying to protect the family, but he had a thick accent. he spoke very well english. they were both lawyers before they came to the states and actually one was beaten so severely by the kgb and left for dead. that's how they became political refugees in america. >> megyn: that's the father you're talking about. >> yes. >> megyn: in your conversations with him and his wife, did you ever detect any hint of radicalization? >> absolutely not. they were so thankful to be in america. the boys were, too. and the girls really thought it was a blessing. you know, tamerlan, the oldest child, he had a sense of justice about him. i know that seems ironic to say that, but i think it just -- he just got poisoned along the way
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somehow. i don't know how that hapned, but you know, he was so bright. he and my husband would sit and talk and he loved books, a very bright boy. >> megyn: never saw any -- i mean, for example sometimes we hear about these folks being extremely intro veteranned, keeping to themselves, don't have a lot of friends. what did you see along that score? >> i didn't see that. we shared a courtyard. any time me and my girls would ben the courtyard, one of them or manyf them would come down and be with us. i definitely didn't see any kind of reclues. theyere the opposite of that, they were very community, very friendly, very hospitable and generous. >> megyn: tamerlan had about seven years on his younger brother. tamerlan now dead, his younger brother at large, and so some have described him as the leader. when we saw the video relse yesterday of the two suspects in the bombing, he was in front. first, let me ask you. when you saw that video, did you
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have any hint of recognition? >> yes. we did recognize them. > >> megyn: really. >> my husband was reading the po this morning and screamed out to me, and at that point we turned on the television and saw the pictures, and we immiately recognized them. >> megyn: what goes through your head at that moment, emily? >> shock. just complete shock. i couldn't believe it. i fell on the floor, actually. >> megyn: wow. would you say that the older brother, tamerlan, was a leader to his younger brother >> there's no question. when you think about siblings just in general, the oldest has that sense about them, just in the birth order, and tamerlan's very strong, an dzhokhar has a spirlspirit about him that wanto please. he's very sweet-hearted and compassionate. it's even morehocking that he would be a part of this. >> megyn: wow. emily long, thanks so much for giving us your thoughts on these two young men who the f said
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are terrorists who committed in bombing. we appreciate your insight. just ahead, we'll have steve emerson with frightening videos connected t these two as questions about radicalization grow.e t in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you keptour eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. ♪ [ male announcer ] pass down something he will be gratefur. the rdleidsi passat. and you'll be greful right now during springtoberfest where you can lease one of four different volkswagen models for under $200 a month. that's the power of german engineering.
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>> megyn: fox news alert. we expect massachusetts emergency management to hold a news conference any moment now. we will monitor that for any new details on the hunt for the boston marathon bombing suspect. again, the police confirmed just a short time ago there has been no apprehension yet of the one suspect still at large. in the meante,he police are scouring watertown, massachusetts, going door to door in search of this man. we just want to hear. i believe this is going to be sort of a heads up for the folks
10:26 am
in the area about what to do and what to expect this evening, but we'll listen. they're just checking the mics now. we'll listen for the news. the officers came out and warned people to stay indoors, to lock their doors and called the 19-year-old suspect armed and extremely dangerous. our own griff jenkins is live on the ground in watertown where the manhunt continues and where he's been observing incredible events unfolding for the past 13 hours. griff? >> reporter: megyn, that's a very good point. the situation here, if we listen to that press conference, is they've cleared 60 to 70%. while the streets might look a bit calmer here, if we go back to where i first came, the threat assessment is at a very high, high level. everybody should be listening to that press conference. this is a very fluid and dangerous situation. that means they could find him in the next 30 to 40% they're still looking. we've seen in the last half hour
10:27 am
armored humvees with armored soldiers or law enforcement officials with assault rifles. we've seen the blackhawks. we've learned the blackhawks are part of the massachusetts natural guard. they're used for transport. we've seen them in the last 15 or 20 minutes passing over. this is very active, and if this guy has been up as i have when i first started to pursue him at 11:00 last night, he's tired. he may be getting cornered in the final 30%. this is very dangerous. on top of that, we know from the controlled explosives that has happened in the last few hours that there are explosives out there. i just want to remind people. while it may look calmer in the scenes we're seeing today, the scene that i rolled up on here behind some 30 or 40 law enforcement officers, everything, fbi, swat, atf, boston police department, everything right into the blocks behind me about three or four streets, and it was aster phying a gun 5 as i've ever seen in iraq or afghanistan. this is a very violent
10:28 am
individual, just like his brother. he is feeling perhaps more cornered and tired. it is imperative that they listen, that the residents here in watertown listen to authorities because they know that it could go from quiet to another storm very, very quickly. megyn. >> megyn: that's the fear that this young man may be feeling like a caged animal at this point, like a potentially trapped animal and may lash out in a way that could cost more lives. his own uncle urging him to turn himshimself in and ask for forgiveness, saying that's the only way forward. that's what the authorities would like as well. the authorities confirming that they very much want to take him in alive. they do not want some sort of shootout on the streets of boston or for this to end in any more violence than we've already seen. griff, take us back to last night. most of us were asleep in the hours when you arrived in the
10:29 am
area and the incident with the first brother who has been killed went down. >> reporter: okay. let me quickly recap that for you. so around 11 p.m. i responded to the shots fired that mike tevin reported on "on the record" at mit. they got the alert throughout the school, and we followed that scene past the gas station where they had let the victim of the hijacking off. thethey were in a hot pursuit wh 30 or 40 police cars, more than 100 miles an hour. it culminated here on mount auburn street. i got out with my camera and followed the soldiers or law enforcement officers door to door, looking for anything. they apprehended a man who they late arrested. we don't know now whether he may be somehow tied to this situation. he did not resist, but it was
10:30 am
certainly terrifying. one thing that should stand out, it happened to me. shortly around 1:00 or 130, megyn, a law enforcement officer shouted at the top of his lungs he's got explosives. you've got to get out of here. that situation could be around the corner. the scary part is we don't know because it seems a little calmer than it seemed early in the morning hours of today. >> megyn: all right, griff. stay with us because the news continue to break moment by moment, and we want to take you now to new jersey where we mentioned moments ago that we understood these two suspects, one now dead, one at large, have a sister. one we're told lives in new jersey. the town is called west new york, new jersey. a little confusing. the name of the town is west new york in the state of new jersey. we're seeing some police presence identity of a location there. we're trying to confirm whether
10:31 am
that is the location of the suspect's sister. we saw heavy police presence at the home in maryland of the suspect's uncle who came out and spoke to folks today, and i told you a moment ago a bit of what he said, urging his nephew to turn himself in and to ask for forgiveness and talking about how he, the uncle, loved the united states of america and was shocked to see that his nephews had found themselves involved in such a thing. this is the press conference. let's listen a bit. >> we're learning that a number of people, probably large numbers of people found their way to work before receiving the message and are now sheltering in place in work sites and offices throughout the region and particularly in some of our large boston employers. so i need to speak to those
10:32 am
people. if you're at work, we do not expect you to shelter in place and stay there. we encourage you to leave, to get in your cars and drive home. we understand public transit is not running, taxis are now running in the city of boston. the taxis are available. if necessary, you can call friends and ask them to pick you up but we want to make clear that we're not expecting people to be sheltering in place into the day and night in businesses. again, i thank the media for helping us deliver this message. we'll push it out a number of ways. again, if you're at work, please feel free to get in your cars and drive home and shelter in place at home. call taxis. if necessary, call friends to come get you. thank you very much. >> megyn: you can hear the lockdown continues.
10:33 am
they do not want folks out and about in the greater boston area, watertown and the city of boston according to the governor earlier today staying say inside your home. they've shut down bus service, they've shut down rail service, they've even shut down taxi service. they've also shut down train service from boston to new york, we're told, a amtrak. they're trying to put a red circle, a virtual fence of boston right now because amazinly, this qlung yog man is still on the loose after a car chase in which his brother wound up dead, and a carjacking of what we understand to be an innocent third party at a 7-11. this man, we don't know where he is. we continue to watch as the police zero in on his friends and relatives and what we believe earlier was his home in cambridge. again, this is west new york, new jersey on screen left. our understanding at this moment is that that is where one of his sisters is believed to live.
10:34 am
now, of course, law enforcement's going to go to the homes of anybody connected to this man to see whether they've heard from him, whether they're harboring him, to give the instructions on what to do if, in case, he does contact them. the police, their message for this young man, the suspect right now, is to turn himself in. to turn himself in and to avoid any further violence. again, he goes by dzhokhar. dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's 19 years old. by all accounts from his friends so far, they describe him as a once sweet young man who may have fallen upped some very -- under some very dark influences including potentially his older brother who was seven years older than he is and who is now dead, riddled with bullet holes, so many they could not count because he decided to engage the police in a firefight, growing grenades out of a car in the
10:35 am
wake of killing three people in the boston marathon and a police officer at mit. there was some sort of incident near mit last night. the security officer approached these men and ultimately was killed. police say these two brothers killed them. they wound up carjacking a man, taking his s.u.v. that man runs into a 7-11 and says these guys are trying to kill me, help, help. they take off in the s.u.v. a police chase ensues. you heard griff jenkins talk about some of that. a shootout, they're throwing grenades out of the car. ungeier is exchanged and the older brother with the black baseball cap on the right side of your screen is killed. ever since then they've been trying to track down the younger brother, and they're very interested in what he has to say. our own bret baier earlier shared information from sources at the national counterterrorism center indicating that at least one of these brothers may have posted videos on line, praising al-qaeda and its war on the
10:36 am
west. steve everson has been with us all week. he's a terrorism expert, and he has been looking into the on line postings that we believe belong to these two men. steve, what can you tell us? >> well, one of the brothers, actually, both brothers had youtube channels in the united states. they also had youtube channels in russia, but the ones in the united states we examined about half of the 22 videos they posted. some of them are in english, some of them are in russian, most of them are in ai arabic. it's clear to me based on the videos which feature bin laden, which feature exhortations to kill jews and measures and conquer the world, these are not chechnyaan directed only. they're directed primarily against all anonymous limbs. very similar to the al-qaeda videos we've seen in years past. it shows that thei they're islai
10:37 am
can terrorists not interested only in chechnyan liberation, and the images they've interspaced are supremely bloody. these are bloody types of videos seized out of afghanistan when we raided afghanistan back in 2003, 2002, 2001. >> megyn: are these videos attributable, we believe at this point, to the younger brother dzhokhar who they're searching for or to the older brother tamerlan? >> these are attributed to the older brother. he had posted 22. the other one had posted four. they're similar in terms of their content. some of them are in russia ands well. we've been getting them translated. the language, i'm looking at them right now, for example, congratulations to those who suffer, who he go through martyr martyrdom. we appreciate and demand that
10:38 am
those who fight the infidel will endure martyrdom and they will get religious salvation once they go through ma martyrdom and killing the infidel. that's typical of the rest of the videos we saw. again, they're edited so that we have pictures of bloody scenes like we saw in afghanistan of afghans, of jihadi fighters. >> megyn: i've seen some of these videos myself that you shared with us prior to the broadcast, and they are extremely dark and they have the, you know, arabic music and what appear to be jihaddist fighters on them. the question is, though, were they posted recently? can you get any source of any feeling for time line when you look at those videos and when they were posted, steve, because you know, from what we've been hearing all day, these two, you know, for much of their lives were relatively normal kids, but
10:39 am
something appears to have happened. >> right. it looks like they were posted in the last three years. you can see the number of viewers, very few, relatively. the most that we saw was 5,000. some only were viewed 1,000 times, but clearly they're making a message, wanting to express a message that they totally sympathize with the jihaddist cause. these were jihaddists. they were not just chechnyan separatists. they identified with the entire jihaddist cause. i'm surprised actually they didn't have plans to get away earlier, that they got caught up in staying in the cambridge area. obviously they had no idea they were being videoed. i was surprised by the fact that they lacked cash, that they forgesd a driver to withdraw money from an atm machine. you would think they would have had enough cash on hand to leave the area, even leave the country. nevertheless, these videos are very telling in terms of their i'ideological intent and what ty
10:40 am
truly believed in. as you pointed out, actually, the family came here over a decade ago under asylum. they came later. because of immigration laws, if a family member already is here under asylum, the rest of the family members are entitled to automatically come here under asylum as well. they had been secular, but they talked about becoming more religious in some of their facebook postings, and then they talked about becoming muslim, muslim only, and there's one film that talks about establishing the califate. they have the flag of al-qaeda as the islamic liberation party. >> megyn: there are some reports, we have not yet confirmed them, but other reports by other news organization that the older brother took some trip within the past six months. we don't know whether that's the case, but we know the authorities have confirmed to us directly they're looking into
10:41 am
that, checking pass pored records. if one or both brothers went overseas at any point since entering the united states and in particular over the past six months or three years as you point out when the postings began, that will give them a direct trail to pursue in terms of any possible international connection. >> that's true, but i can tell you this morning when i spoke to a government official who was in an agency that monitors and has the registration of all travel overseas, they see the passports. they see the immigration stamps. they're the ones that the applications for traveling overseas. especially if you get asylum. you're not automatically entitled to travel overseas, so they knew at least with up withf the brothers there was another travel overseas at all. in terms of that brother, and i can't tell you which one because i don't know. i won't know until i get off the air here to find out what country the other on one may hae gone to. the first brother does not go overseas. he was radicalized here.
10:42 am
>> megyn: wow. all right, steve. much more with you as the show continues. thanks for your insight. number one, there are reports out there that this older brother, tamerlan, the one that has been killed, has a 3-year-old daughter, and we do not know whether he also has a wife or a long term girlfriend. there had been reports of a girlfriend, but we don't have that confirmed. in any event, there are reports he had a 3-year-old daughter. i want to clarify something i said earlier. at the earlier press conference they said cab service and car service and wanted folks to stay inside. they've apparently now said cabs are up and running again in boston and they were advising people to call taxis to get home from work if needed, so that is a modification to what was in place earlier, something they have to monitor carefully as well isn' since it doesn't appee suspect had a vehicle available to him or doesn't when they last had an eye on him.
10:43 am
they've already committed a carjacking according to the authorities. when and if this guy surfaces, we'll see if he has means of travel. we just got word from secretary kerry that he's expected to make remarks on boston at 2 p.m. eastern time. hopefully he'll speak to whether we know of any international connection here. is this home grown terror? what it is this. just ahead, we'll asking former homicide detective mark fuhrman on this massive manhunt, how do police secure the city of boston and ensure this guy doesn't get out and gets found without hurting anybody else? stay tuned. girl vo: i'm pretty conservative.
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very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours.
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>> megyn: fox news alert. back now to the manhunt in the greater boston area. we just got this video of authorities going door to door in watertown, massachusetts. searching for the man they believe is responsible for the
10:47 am
boston marathon bombing. imagine this. you see that on the left-hand side of your screen. you see it on the full screen here. now we'll take it a little smaller. we'll show you on the right-hand side of your screen the scene in the community of west new york, new jersey. the town is west new york in the state of new jersey. that is the exterior. we are told of the home belonging to the suspect's sister. the suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, 19 years old, at large, and this we are told is his sister's house in the state of new jersey. the authorities earlier at the home of the suspect's uncle in maryland. we believe at his family home in cambridge as well, and now the sister. we do not know whether anybody's home or they've managed to speak to her. we'll continue to keep an eye on it. what happened down in maryland was we saw exactly this and then ultimately we saw the you can uncle come you out and speak to the cameras. we would welcome the opportunity from the sister as well, to hear what she has to say about all
10:48 am
this. right now i want to speak to former lapd homicide detective mark fuhrman. what a task for the police in and around boston trying to put a virtual fence in and around the city to stop this suspect considered armed and dangerous and believed to have committed several murders already from escaping. i mean, how is it done? >> first, megyn, when the fire fight is in progress, they're trying to establish a forward perimeter for the direction the suspect's going and then when the vehicle stops, the fire fight continues. they're trying to get air units up and units to surround an area large enough to encompass anybody that's on foot that fleece that vehicle or -- flees that vehicle or any other suspects that are involved. the trick is to make the perimeter large enough to contain the suspect or suspects
10:49 am
but small enough to make it controllable. it's a judgment call that nobody can be right or nobody can be wrong. it is just an ongoing fluid situation tacticall tactically. when things calm down and you know what you have as they had one of the brothers, suspect one that was shot and not yet dead or perhaps he was dead and he was transported, he was shot. it would be hard for me to believe that with the amount of gunshot wounds that suspect one had that suspect two didn't have some kind of of wound before he fled the vehicle. >> megyn: so you think he could be wounded, perhaps even dead, and if he's just wounded in hiding in a certain location? >> well, there's a possibility. you know, we're speculating without the knowledge of the most remote officer on the perimeter at the scene, but if we can put some common sense to
10:50 am
this, suspect one is shot and killed by police in an ongoing pursuit. someone is throwing grenades, home made grenades and pipe bombs out of the vehicle. this individual, suspect one, showed signs that he had fragments of shrapnel and some burns. it means that one of those grenades probably went off either in the air as it left the vehicle or partially in the vehicle. he was probably the one that was delivering that orde ordnance te police. i would suspect the 19-year-old was probably driving. >> megyn: what do you make of the fact? i have 30 seconds and we'll carry you over. how do these kids get their hands on grenades and this type of firepower? >> i think we're using grenades as a hand held explosive device that you throw at your enemy. that could be a pipe bomb or other types of homemade
10:51 am
grenades. i don't think we're talking about a military grenade that they were launching. i think you're talking about ordinance that they actually made. >> yeah. we know that the authorities say they were able to build bombs. >> megyn: you'll pick it up right after the break. [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all onhinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪
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10:54 am
>> megyn: fox news alert. we're getting word that police in connecticut are looking for a car in connection with this suspect. as they tell police and motorists to be on the lookout for a 1999 green honda civic with a massachusetts license plate of 116-gc7. state troopers there are apparently poste posted strategy across the state and are in constant contact with authorities in massachusetts. this goes back to mark's point about did they secure the
10:55 am
perimeter early enough such that he would not have been able to get out of the city of boston? could he have left massachusetts? could he be in connecticut by now? more on this as we get it. at the same time we're getting this video we showed you moments ago of authorities going door to door in watertown, massachusetts. they said this effort was 70% complete. you can see, imagine being a family inside and seeing these guys show up. these are the good guys who are trying to help, of course, and find the suspect. so far, no luck. mark, i want to ask you. how reliable is this? they're going inside. they're not just knocking on the door. >> well, it's as reliable as humanly possible. actually they're organizing this in a method cal way. they check off houses, locations, and i'm sure they probably have a double check on it. they're probably using canine and humans to go in there. they're checking it off in a way that if they are moving the
10:56 am
suspect, they're moving him into a location that they want him to go. going back to the perimeter, megyn. can you imagine in the darkness of night, trying to secure a circumference of two miles of densely populated houses and businesses with all the chaos going on and to be able to successfully really chain a security perimeter around that so just a human being cannot slip through. it's really difficult. so it's not something that would be, you know, out of the realm of possibility that it happens more often than not. >> yep. >> megyn: we'll continue to watch it. up next we go live to the white house. stay with us. anyone have occasional constipation,
10:57 am
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diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. >> megyn: there are breaking developments in an unprecedented manhunt for the second suspect in connection with the boston marathon bombings that left three people dead and more than 160 injured. a brand new hour of "america live". welcome, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the developments are moving very quickly. we're continuing to get new information. here's what we know as of this hour. one suspect is dead. it's the older brother, the 26-year-old, said to be deceased now. his younger brother is on the run, and he is considered armed and dangerous and police say he is guilty of several murders over the past week. they warn he is a man, quote, who has come here to kill
11:01 am
people. that is his goal. according to the authorities, he has already achieved it in at least four cases. as we speak, heavily amped police swat teams and armored vehicles and sharp shooters are swarming the streets of boston while police helicopters buzz overhead. the national guard in some instances transporting official personnel. the city and surrounding areas have been virtually shut down as an army of law enforcement officers hunt this suspected terrorist. they have told people to stay inside, to keep their doors locked, and not to open those doors unless they see a uniformed law enforcement officer standing outside. look, you can see the video of said law enforcement officers trying to secure each and every hours. an hour and a half ago t 70% complete. here's how it all went down overnight. around 5 p.m. yesterday the fbi releases photos and video of the two men they call suspects
11:02 am
asking for help identifying them. the help came quickly. 26-year-old tamerlan t is now dead. he was the one in the black jacket and black backpack we saw in the video tape yesterday. his younger brother, 19 -year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is on the run. dzhokhar is the one with the white baseball cap. five hours later after five p.m. yesterday at around 10 p.m. yesterday, a robbery takes place in cambridge near mit. shortly thereafter a campus police officer is found shot dead in his vehicle. that police officer just 26 years old. moments later polic police reced reports of an armed carjacking by two males. their victim, after 30 minutes was released unharmed, running into a 7-11 and telling his tale of two guys trying to kill me, they took my car. we don't know why they let him go, but they did. less than an hour after that,
11:03 am
police pursue the stolen car. during that chase police say the suspects threw explosives at them, erupting in a dramatic gun battle that was all caught on amateur video. watch. >> there's explosions and gunfire going on down the street. >> imagine what those police were going through, knowing they believe they had the two guys
11:04 am
responsible for the boston marathon bombings, for a terrorist attack, shooting at them in the wake of killing another law enforcement officer. we know the older one, tamerlan tsarnaev, screen right, is pronounced dead. the younger brother, dzhokhar, escapes, somehow escapes launching a massive manhunt underway still. >> we're trying to get information out to the people who live here that they should stay in their homes and not open their doors unless police officers are there. there's a 20-block perimeter around the location the chief just talked about. we are concerned about securing that area and making sure this individual is taken into custody. we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who has come here to kill people. >> megyn: now there are men, women, and children who are locked inside of their homes in one of this country's greatest cities, wondering and waiting
11:05 am
for progress and the best, hoping for the best. i mean, can you imagine what it's like to be locked inside your home right now in the boston area, hoping that if this guy is still out there, he doesn't choose you? the police are going door to door, trying to make sure people are secure, but they don't know where this guy is. they don't even know whether he's still alive. you heard mark fuhrman speculating earlier the brother was hit so badly in the shootout overnight, he was killed. he had so many gunshot wounds, it was too many to coun. how did the younger brother survive and was he injured? is he injured right now or worse? we don't know. they can't find him. one would think if he had died from his wounds, they would have found a body by now, and yet as of just a couple of hours ago, they were still releasing updated pictures of him and asking the public for their help, and tha they, of course, y no suspect has been a an henned. the manhunt continues. all of this goes on as we await remarks from secretary of state
11:06 am
john kerry as the massive manhunt plays out in the state senator kerry, now secretary kerry, once called home. >> reporter: we heard from secretary kerry a while ago as he had meetings with the mexican foreign secretary. he basically offered his support to the law enforcement personnel and all they're doing in his home state. that said, it's been a very tight lid on news out of the white house today. the deputy press secretary just walked past me on the driveway on the north lawn a little while ago on his way to get a bite to eat. he said, and i quote, the president is not trying to micro manage the situation up in boston today. it points out that there are really two components to this crisis. first, the tactical which is being handled with great effectiveness by the fbi and the other law enforcement agencies up in boston. then the cente strategic which s hugely important. here at the white house, among other things, they're trying to figure out whether the tsarnaev brothers acted alone or in concert with some larger terrorist organization.
11:07 am
one example of the fluidity of the situation here today at the white house. the white house briefing which was originally scheduled for noon today, has been indefinitely postponed. that said, shortly after 9:45 this morning, the president joined by vice-president biden conducted a briefing at the white house situation room with his national security team. in attendance there, attorney general eric holder and also fbi director muller, the chief of staff, the national security advisor and many others listening in by secure video link. that meeting lasted for about an hour, until 10:45, which is unusually long. there was a second meeting previously scheduled by the national security principals that did not include the president, and as best we know, that meeting is still going on as we speak. now, there may be a pretty high priority being put upon keeping the younger tsarnaev alive because if he is, indeed, part of a larger network, and we don't know that, but if he is, if he's alive, we can learn a lot more about it than if he's
11:08 am
dead. we know that sophisticated terrorist networks in this day and age have a great ability to cover up their tracks. they've learned the hard way not to use e-mails, not to use ims, not to use cell phone communications, so if you can capture somebody alive and get information from them, you're going to learn a lot more about it. one other item. secretarsecretary of state kerrs scheduled to take a trip to curt you are key tonight. from everything we've heard, the trip is still on. secretary kerry will we'rey all turkish initials for information that may or may not lead to an international terrorist network as it relates to the tsarnaev brothers. megyn, that's it from the white house. >> megyn: doug, thank you. we want to tell our viewers we're continuing to monitor the situation in west new york, new jersey. against, it's a confusing name. the town is west new york but it's in the state of new jersey. you can see the exterior of a home. that's where the fbi is removing
11:09 am
items now from the suspect's sister's home. we now understand a bit more about this family. they were given asylum here just after 2000. the father and mother came over. the sons ultimately joined them. the older son, tamerlan, who is now dead, he's the oldest child. then came two daughters, then came the youngest son, dzhokhar, who they're looking for. he's 19 years old. this home belongs to one of the two middle sisters. we don't know which one and what exactly they're taking from her home. we do know streets for at least three blocks surrounding this apartment have been roped off and here you can see what do they have? what are they looking for? what do they hope they know? it looks to be a computer, right, doesn't it? and obviously they will be searching e-mails and the like for any hint of warningings by
11:10 am
these two and communications by these two. we were told and we've told you earlier in the hour that a source at the national counter terrorism center is concerned that these two may have had help, that they believe they must have had some help or training and perhaps, quote, training overseas, and we are told that they are looking into exactly who that would have been. we also know again, according to this source, connected to the national counterterrorism center that they know these men posted certain things on line and espoused sympathy for al-qaeda ideology. what we don't know is whether they attended a mosque in the area, that kind of thing. one of the aunts of these two suspects has said that the older brother started praying five times a day a couple of years ago. our terrorism expert tells us the jihaddis jihaddist postingse detected on line, in particular on the oldest brother's on line
11:11 am
presence as well well on the yor began about three years. a time line begins to emerge in terms of the radicalization, although the original source, the inspiration, at this hour remains an mystery. catherine herridge has been trying to learn more about how these two came here and where they have traveled to in recent years, and i heard you last night just after that 5 p.m. briefing saying, you know, there's a lot to go on here in interpret oterms of the identit. here we sit less than 24 hours later. they found out pretty quickly who they were. > >> reporter: well, the wealth of information we received here seems to be coming out of this briefing by the nctc, the national counterterrorism center. for viewers not familiar with the group, it was set up after 9/11 to monitor and analyze threats against the united states, to share the information and to try and avoid the stove piping that led to 9/11.
11:12 am
the bottom line or to bottom line it for you. you, it was clear in the briefing the imperative is to take the second suspect alive. that's an imperative because they need to understand whether these young men are what i would call true home grown jihaddists who have taken their inspiration from the web or whether there is indeed an sw international connection, international training and direction from an international terrorist operation. we have a little bit more information about the travel of the elder brother. we were told that once they were identified, the electronic traffic associated with them has been scrubbed or is being scrubbed as well as the travel records, and that the older brother was out of the country for a prolonged period in early 2012 with a separate source telling fox news that he was in russia last year. on that immigration status, we have the most information about the younger brother, that he was granted asylum in '02, a green card, two years later in '04,
11:13 am
and then citizenship on 9/11/2012. >> megyn: very interesting. that profile will help the authorities as they try to track how this happen. >> reporter: computers are key here, especially along that tight circle of the family. that's why you're seeing that go out first. >> megyn: absolutely. who knows what they did to their only computer. one can suspect the sister new what to do in advance. you saw what appeared to be an intact computer removed from her house. i'm being told in my ear and here's the video tape of them removing the computer from the sister's house. i'm being told in my ear that we're about to hear from the suspect's father. stay with me. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
11:14 am
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11:16 am
the manhunt continues now for the second suspect, shutting down deposit and it's the subyou suburbs. thousands of police officers swarming the streets in dragnet that brought normal life to a halt. our own eric shawn is live in watertown, massachusetts. eric? >> reporter: state police now cleaning up housekeeping issues about fuel and the media. the focus here right now and the question, is he here still alive within this 20-block area of
11:17 am
watertown. the state police in the news conference earlier today said yes, they do have many active leads and more leads coming in, but the big question, of course, is he's believed to be armed, alive, and extremely dangerous, but is he here? the connecticut state police now issuing that bulletin concerning a green honda. of course, overnight as we've been reporting the possibility he could have potentially escaped in the dark. we just don't know. authorities still keeping the search ongoing. that is why they have basically an american city today practically locked down. people in boston, watertown, cambridge all told to stay this their homes. those at work have told they can get cars and go home, but there's no mass transit service continuing while this alleged terrorist killer is still on the loose. during the news conference, the colonel from the state department, he spoke to reporters. here's what the colonel of the massachusetts state police said. >> we are progressing through this neighborhood, going do youo
11:18 am
door, street to street. we're well over 60 or 70% of what we want to cover up there. we do not have any development to tell you in terms of the search up there. there has been no apprehension at this point. >> reporter: the question is with no apprehension at this point of dzhokhar, where is he? could he be hiding at a house? could he have escaped. the other issue you've reported on, megyn, is how could what i've been told is a pretty normal guy, a nice guy said his high school classmates, apparently about s be so radican the islamic terrorist vain to carry this out with his brother. that's a question. in cambridge we talked about some of his classmates who said they never discussed politics. here's what one told us a little earlier today. >> did he ever talk politics? >> i never discussed politics with him at all. like i said, it was really
11:19 am
casual, hang out, smoactd some pot with him, really nothing out of the ordinary. i wouldn't put him aside from any other of my friends. >> did he ever talk about america or any hatred for this country? >> not at all. i mean, he didn't talk about pro america, i'm against america. we didn't really get into that. if i had to pick, i would never assume that he would have those type of views at all. >> reporter: well, from a high school wrestler to someone who went off to community college to this, how does it happen? authorities in this country want to know. megyn? >> megyn: one of his friends was quoted on another network today as talking about a conversation in which they quoted dzhokhar as saying, quote, when justified, terrorism isn't necessarily a bad thing, so it's clear that as sweet a young man as he used to be, according to the neighbor, something changed. something changed. eric, i want to ask you whether there's still a bomb ordinance
11:20 am
on the street and what does that mean? >> reporter: that's pretty amazing, megyn, the fact that last night during when they apparently were throwing out their home made ieds as well as a pressure cooker from the car as the police were chasing them, that ordinance is still in the streets here in watertown. it's not been diffused yet. authorities are clearly focusing on the manhunt for dzhokhar as opposed to dealing with this as the area is all cordoned off. they don't believe there's any imminent danger. people are evacuated or they're staying in their homes. you can't move around on the streets at all, at any point. >> megyn: we have breaking news that i want to get you to, but i want to ask you quickly. is there any question in the authorities' mind that the younger brother was with the older brother in the shootout last night that took the life of the older brother? >> reporter: right now there does not seem to be the question. there is aibility to, said one state police officer, that maybe he could be wounded. it's part of the investigation,
11:21 am
megyn. >> megyn: they don't know how he got away, i guess. family members of the suspects have been speaking to the media and right now we are learning that the suspect's aunt is now speaking. she lives in canada. here is a bit from an interview she just gave. >> the guy is standing here. i see his face. what else do you see? if you see circle face of this guy, would you put him also and accuse him of blowing up people? how difficult is that? give us evidence. if nobody else is asking for it, give me evidence. i'm lawyer from back home. give me evidence. i participated in court sessions where i had to prove innocence of other accused people, so do the same. give me evidence. all you showed me, circle face of men's face in a hat standing like this. what else?
11:22 am
>> okay. this is the fbi photo. this is where it's taken from. >> okay. what i'm saying is -- what i'm saying is -- >> look this way. >> why does the fbi not give me more? if i'm asking, if somebody else is asking, fine, but for me, to be convinced that these two nephews of mine committed these kind of atrocities, it cannot be taken lightly. convince me, and again, i'm repeating myself. then you will come back and see my reaction, okay? then you will come back and say what do you think? you have all the evidence. they have done this. then naturally, naturally i guess, you know, whatever i feel will come out. natural. it's so natural. what is so different about it? >> have you talked to the police at all? >> i haven't talked to them. nobody is contacting me. i called fbi first line, fbi line. if you have any hints, let us
11:23 am
know. that's the number i called because knowing these two boys, knowing, believing, strongly believing they wouldn't do this, that's why i called. >> what did you say to them. >> i called right away. the first reaction was anger. how could this happen? how could they do this? what beliefs? what prompted them to this? this reaction. but then i went through material, whatever is in there, quickly, quickly. my first call to f.b.i. they could not have done this. where is the evidence? all you're showing is just the footage, two guys are walking, and i found it strange, tamerlan is walking in the front, dzhokhar is in the back. why wouldn't they come together? you know, together as brothers as i used to know them. >> are you suspicious that maybe they really did do this? >> no. i'm suspicious that this was staged, the picture was staged.
11:24 am
>> by who? >> whoever needs this. whoever is looking for those who need to be blamed for these attacks. >> so you think they're being set up by someone else, not by the authorities, but they're setting by someone else. >> what do you mean somebody else? who is interested in this case? when you are blowing up people and you want to bring attention to something for some purpose, you know, you do that math. why don't you do that math? why me? >> i'm used to being set up. before i left former soviet union conditions, that's how i lived always. straight way. that student, that worker. i'm a chechen. i have to prove myself twice, triple times more than others who live on their own land.
11:25 am
>> they say they were tracking your nephews overnight and they were following a vehicle they were in and they were throwing sloafs out the window. >> nobody said that to me. why am i not getting contacted if they want to know my opinion? give me evidence and then ask me what do you think. >> have you heard those reports, though? >> why isn't the question do you believe? if you have evidence, if fbi have evidence, why are they asking questions do i believe they could do this? if they have done this, i have to believe. i just would know that they have done it. >> megyn: that's the aunt asking how could they do this for the sake of what? craig albert is with me. he's an assistant professor of political science. he's an expert on chechnya, and i want to ask you, craig. that's the question on the minds of a lot of people today. they've got links to that region of the world, and yet the
11:26 am
accounts we've been hearing so far is that they did not grow up in some radicalized family, at least that's not what the indications are thus far. nonetheless, more and more we're hearing about the older brother developing some potential radical ties over the last few years, and perhaps bringing the younger brother into that as well. your thoughts on the aunt's question; for the sake of what? >> i'm not sure what it would be for. if there's a connection between the jihaddist movement and chechnya, it could be dangerous and severe for us. it seems to me in my opinion, that it's not the case, it may be a case of isolated individualized terror, that they might trap perhaps be you usings to chechnya to rationalize their violence. > >> megyn: chechnya, they're unhappy with moscow usually. that's who they're usually targeting is the russians, not
11:27 am
usually the united states, although i'm told there's a faction there that links itself with al-qaeda and jihaddist, and they hate the west in general. >> that's correct. there is an element inside chechnya that is trying to establish the islamic calif it. it's a small section of the chechnyaan population. they use chechnya as a base of operations. >> megyn: the older brother and the younger brother to a lesser extent we believe had videos posted on line that spoke exactly of that, the califit and had radicalized postings at least over the last few years. >> they could be sympathizers to the global jihady network. i have nothing saying that they're connected with the chechnychechnyan movement. i'm sure we would have picked up chatter if that were the case. >> megyn: taking orders from? >> exactly.
11:28 am
they might be lone wolf actors, not taking orders from anybody but sympathizing with the chechnyan cause or the islam i can cause. >> megyn: let's say they do sympathize with that cause. they don't normally target americans, even if they are in that one, you know, al-qaeda-linked group of the chechnyans who are radicals. you don't normally see this where they target americans for terror. >> this might not be a chechnyan national cause. it would be more of a jihadi cause. the united states is seen as the dominant power of the world. they can't really attack in russia right now because russia has a very authoritarian regime established inside chechnya. the lid is covered on what they can do inside chechnya. if they're connectedded to the chechnyaan movement, taking orders from somebody, it would make sense they would try to strike with people they already have in the united states and elsewhere as well.
11:29 am
>> megyn: you know, it's interesting because the folks who have been talking about them, who knew them growing up, talk about how great they were and how you never would have suspected it. they had relationships with all those people, and yet -- and even the guy they are said to have carjacked spent 30 minutes with him. they didn't kill him, but we believe that there is video tape and we've seen a picture, the authenticity of which we're working to confirm, of the younger brother on the loose right now, dzhokhar tsarnaev, dropping his bomb right next to little 8-year-old martin. so you know, when there's no regionsship, they have -- relationship, they have a very different view o view of human e from the sound of it. >> they might have a different view of american life, certainly, and if they can do something to destroy any type of american infrastructure, civilians, then that's going to take precedent. however, those two individuals regard human life i want to be careful not to associate them
11:30 am
with the large larger larger chn populations because most would not support this activity whatsoever. >> megyn: and have not. foarnl leer if there'normally i, it's with russia. they have, according to our own jennifer griffin, shown up on the battle field fighting american so man soldiers, but ia small factions of overall chechnyans, correct? >> most of those aren't chechnyan. they come from a different environment for home-based operations. most of the people we company chur on the bale field coming be from the surrounding areas. >> there's a facebook page for dzhokhar tsarnaev. in any event, at least two sources who know him say that
11:31 am
this is his twitter page, and on it he had, i think, over a dozen, 14 posts since the boston marathon bombings including this one on april 17th. i'm a stress-free kind of guy. i'm a stress-free kind of guy. then another one. another one saying, hold on, let me find it. yeah. okay. here it is. nowadays everybody want to talk like they got something to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of jibberrish. i believe that's on his mind. i believe that's a quote of a song. days after authorities say he bombed the boston marathon, took the life of three innocent people and severely wounded or maimed nearly 200 of the citizens that he was living amongst. we are back in three minutes. as we wait to hear now from the suspect's father.
11:32 am
plus we take another look at the video of the door-to-door home checks that they are doing as we hear news of evacuations at the college dormitory. as a preferred pharmacy, walgreens can save you as much as 75% compared to other select pharmacies. walgreens, at the corner of happy and healthy. as much as 75% compared to other select pharmacies. man: the charcoal went out already? ... forget it. vo: there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford original charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill.
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11:35 am
fox news alert. >> megyn: we're getting video of evacuations that took place a little earlier at umass dartmouth on the campus there. students tell the associated press that boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was on campus this week
11:36 am
after the bombings. can you imagine? authorities are swarming the campus and there are reports that both the fbi and swat teams have been seen on the campus. a massachusetts state police armored truck arrived around 1 p.m., two helicopters were seen arriving earlier, and our own bill hemmer is live in boston. can i pick up with you where i left off with eric shawn? the gun fight that took place overnight that took the life of the older brother, is there any question at this hour whether the younger brother who is still at large was involved in that? >> reporter: that's not clear, and frankly, i cannot answer that. it's a working assumption that the two are working on it together. in part, based on what the eyewitness said on the carjacking of that mercedes suv, he was one of the best witnesses in all of this. what i also don't know, megyn, is what this dead security officer from mit's campus, what
11:37 am
he saw while he was sitting in his car. you don't know how he may have tipped off authorities, either, so i'm really not quite sure how to answer the question. it's possible one way, and i guess it's certain that it's possible they were not there together at that time. that gun battle would have happened, i believe, between 10:30 p.m. last night and 1:00 in the morning. i put that time frame because we were told officially at 1:30 a.m. this morning suspect number one was dead, megyn. >> megyn: as you stand there on the streets of boston, who are the people walking around? i mean, the city is basically in lockdown, is it not? >> reporter: essentially, yes. i mean, there's how many people, 650,000 people that live in boston alone. just this community here. that doesn't account for cambridge and watertown and out to the charles river. a lot of people, frankly, are in from out of town. they come here for conventions and work and they come here to sight-see right now, not in a sick sense but in a way that they -- well, they're all
11:38 am
touched by the tragedy behind us. they want to see it with their own eyes. i want to pass one thing on to you. i did not hear catherine herridge report this 30 minutes ago. if i missed it, i apologize. there's a cruel irony. the immigration process for suspect number two, the 19-year-old on the run, he became a naturalized citizen on september 12th. check that. september 11th, a tuesday of last fall, 2012. i'm not sure if she had that or not, but it was in our -- it was in some of our reporting here in our blackberry, megyn. what a twist that is yet again. >> megyn: she confirmed that at 2:18 eastern time saying he was granted asylum september 2002. granted citizen ship on september 11th, 2012. a year and a half later took to the streets of boston, according to the authorities and murdered
11:39 am
some people and maimed a bunch of others. bill, thank you you. we'll be back to you momentarily. as bill just said right now, we're learning brand new information about the suspect's background. we want to bring in anchor of special report here on fnc bret baier who is the person who spoke with that congressional source who had been briefed by the national counter terrorism center earlier today with a wealth of information, bret. >> i just want to hit one more time on what you just talked about there. dzhokhar tsarnaev coming in 2002 on a tourist visa, seeking asylum i from the united statesf america and then being granted citizenship on september 11th, 2012. the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. and then this, according to the f.b.i. >> megyn: we give him sigh lum, give him a gree green card, givm citizenship on 9/11 and somehow
11:40 am
he learns to hate america and wants to kill americans. that's the story, according to the authorities. >> on tamerlan, the older, the 26-year-old, he arrived, according to authorities, in 2006. he was not naturalized but he was here legally, had a green card. he was, as catherine reported, out of the country raf last year six months. he traveled to russia. he left from new york's jfk airport to moscow in the early fall, and as far as hi travel overseas, we don't know as of yet, but he was out of the country and then returned last year. a couple of other things here. the older did have a lot of contact and it was believed as you've been talking about that he was kind of the leader. we talked about the source on capitol hill that one of the things they'll be looking at is what kind of contact did they
11:41 am
have and how could the younger boy have been radicalized inside this country as he did. they're looking at a number of different possibilities. we're also told by authorities following up on the possibility that there may be others involved. that's not, you know, dead set that they know that there are others involved. it could be just these two, but they're following up on that. that's one of the reasons they would like to take dzhokhar alive, if possible, but obvious wilobviously if it comes down to it, they're going to keep people safe in boston. >> megyn: tensions have to be running high since they've already killed one law enforcement officer and another is clinging to life who was wounded. obviously we all know what he's accused of doing this past monday, and yet, everyone from the police to his own uncle are saying that he should surrender himself, that he should go for a
11:42 am
peaceful end to this incredibly violent week. bret, thank you. i want to bring you this fox news alert now. as a friend and former classmate of the suspect, police are now searching for the suspect. he's speaking out. the man describes the younger brother who we've been talking about as a normal, regular guy. listen. >> >> i've known him since about my senior year in high school which is 2009. i became acquainted with him hanging around the neighborhood and stuff like that, you know what i mean, regular college kids, hanging around. we used to talk about sports and stuff like that. he was really passive, really a normal kid. like i said, we used to make a lot of jokes that hang around. we're the type of guys who crack jokes. he won't make a joke about people. it seemed like he didn't have a malicious bone in his body, you know what i mean. when i saw the pictures, i heard about it, i joked with my
11:43 am
friends and said it looks like him and we made a joke about it. when the name released, it became very real and it was shocking to us. we didn't think he would be anywhere near capable of something like this. >> how long did it take you to figure out when you saw the images come out yesterday for the first time of him and also his brother as well in the black hat? i mean, did it trigger right away or did it take some time to talk to people and maybe think back? you hadn't seen him in about a year? >> right. he obviously has more facial hair now. when i looked at the picture, it looks like him a lot, but to be honest with you, he's such a good kid from my perspective, i even joked about it, because i didn'didn't think it would woule possible. if i had an ink ling it would have been him, i wouldn't have made the joke, know what i mean? i saw the images, joked around about it last night, and this morning when i woke up and i saw they released his name, that's what i realized it was him. >> what name did you know him by? some people had a nickname for him, a different name.
11:44 am
>> we called him dzhokhar. i don't know if that's the way his first name is pronounced. that's what we used to call him, dzhokhar. >> we're just a couple of blocks from where he lived, correct? >> yeah. i believe -- i believe he lived around the corner, yeah, on norfolk street. we're like a block away from that. >> had you ever been to his home before when his parents were home? did you have the opportunity to meet his patients whenever you guys -- his parents whenever you guys hung out. >> i wasn't that close with him. i never hung out with him 1-on-1, never got into a personal conversation with him 1-on-1 about his personal believebeliefs. i didn't know anything about his family life or home lifer at all. >> talk to me about his personality in high school. there are a ton of activities people can get involved in. was he slof involved in the activities and if so, what were they. >> to be honest with you, the best description i can give of who this person was was a good, normal kid who didn't want to harm anybody. he was a wrestler. he wrestled for cambridge.
11:45 am
i think he went played some soccer, too. he worked out a lot, did a lot of boxing. he was a really nice guy, you know what i mean? the image i thought of him and any signs, and i just want to say any signs of him doing something like this, i definitely couldn't pick up on. >> had you ever met his brother before? >> i never met his brother, no. >> did he talk about his brother osh make mentioor make mention ? >> he never mentioned his brother or sister. i knew he had a brother but i never heard him mention his brother, no. >> was he friendly with other people in the neighborhood, or did he have friends from high school, anyone inless cambridge area that you knew that he hung out with? >> that's the funny thing. i'm definitely not the only person that can give you this interview. there was a lot of kids he was friends with. he was a associatable guy. he wasn't like -- a socialable guy. there was a lot of cam cambridge
11:46 am
kids that knew him. >> you had conversations with him, hung out with him, growing up together. all of a sudden there's images that surface of him yesterday being named a suspect in the marathon bombing. what type of reaction tawsh what was your initial reaction knowing that? >> completely mind-blowing. i was like compleement number to it. i saw the image image, it looked like him. obviously it's picks lated and stuff, but in my moneyed it was not a -- mind it was not a possibility it was him. it has nt sunk in. it's crazy to see all this on cambridge street here in cambridge. it's kind of insane for a kid that we would see around the neighborhood all the time, you know what i mean? >> give me a sense of the last year. you saw him here all the time, got to know him growing up. all of a sudden in the last year you didn't hear from him. do you remember the last time you saw him what you guys might have been doing, conversations you might have had? >> i mean, last time i saw him would definitely be like eight months or plus longer, and when we -- the last conversation that
11:47 am
we had definitely wasn't anything out of the ordinary, you know what i mean? it would just be a normal time we hung out like any other time. > >> megyn: wow. want to tell you what we're looking at here in cambridge. you saw it on the left side of your screen as we listened to that young man. this is outside of the suspect's home. we were told by the authorities at their les last press conferee there would be a controlled explosion later today in cambridge. a controlled explosion. they said that was going to be for the safety of the law enforcement officers pursuing their investigation. they've been cordoning off the area outside of the home and so it could be that this is where they're going to do the controlled explosion in or around the suspect's house. that's speculation on my part right now. all we know is they said there's going to be one and now they're cordoning what we're told is the suspect's house. we'll continue to keep that on the screen as my next guest joins me who is vincent sullivan. he's a former severe special agent -- fbi special agent. i want to pick up with you where
11:48 am
that friend and others have left off. people describe the suspected terrorist as a sweet kid, a nice guy, a normal guy. those are the facts coming in to us. fact witnesses are telling us that was the case. you say that doesn't surprise you one bit. why? >> well, megan, i think we hear this all the time when neighbors are interviewed, and we hear that same line. gee, he was such a nice guy. he was a quiet neighbor, kept to himself. i didn't even know he owned a ba zoobazoo askbazooka. it stems from the fact that a lot of the interviewees, the analysts, are not as close by this last kid's own admission, he doesn't know the suspect that well. he's a young gentleman himself. maybe his powers to analyze are not that sophisticated. family members are usually
11:49 am
biased. they don't always see or won't tell us all the things they're actually thinking, and the plain fact of the matter is that most of us as humans do compart mentalize our lives. we have various pe per sonas we diss play at work, others at home, others we display with close friends and others on the atlantic field. >> megyn: you're not described d that somebody who could be described as a sweet kid at some point, by the time he turns 19 years old can easily walk by an 8-year-old and drop a bomb at his feet and walk away and a couple days later post on his twitter feed something to the effect that i'm a stress-tree kind of guy? >> we heard similar assessments of ted bundy and other serial killers, so no, it does not surprise me. >> megyn: wow. what do you make of the fact that it sounds like the older brother took a trip within the last year, at least that's our initial information back to russia? i mean, they're not saying that he went -- he went back to afghanistan, but back to russia
11:50 am
and you know, then came back. it sounds like within the last couple of years, he may have become a little bit more radicalized, perhaps more devout, some more controversial postings from what we can tell now on his facebook page. does that sound like the beginning of it? >> well, travel, especially international travel, is one of the premier features that's looked at in any investigation. as you mentioned, it's a place to be radicalized, a place out of the prying eyes of american security. we always, and i'm sure they're looking at the travel of both these young guys, and they're going to try to get the a handle on what their travel history is because travel is a big indicator of radicalization. >> vincent, as we look at the scene here in cambridge and the police tell us there would be a, quote, controlled explosion in cambridge later today, you know, this is speculation right now because all i know is i'm being told that our cameras are
11:51 am
outside of the suspect's house which ma they've just cordoned . why would they be doing that controlled explosion? >> well, i think you had a pretty good guess about it. under the circumstances, the scene is still hot. they have demonstrated the ability that they have explosive devices. if they have a strange object in front of them and the investigators need to get into that building or be around that object, they'll go ahead and blow it up before it blows them up. >> megyn: even understanding that that would sacrifice potentially a wealth of evidence, i mean, there any way to both protect the officers' safety and preserve that evidence? >> i'm sure that almost any jurisdiction but especially the boston law enforcement community is going to make sure that everybody goes home tonight that possibly can and even if we lose some evidence, that's the way it's going to be. >> megyn: yeah. amen. as we've already seen, a law enforcement official kid from mit and another boston police
11:52 am
officer who was in critical condition the last we heard. actually, there are reports of up to 15 police officers who are in the hospital, although they're not saying -- as a result of last night, but they're not tying that specifically to the incident we saw. i want to ask you about the effort now in boston because i think folks are wondering. are they going to get the guy? it's almost three p.m. eastern time. it will be dark in five hours here on the east coast. it sort of boggles the mind that you think this 19-year-old is evading thousands of police officers who are scouring that city right now. yeah. well, you discussed i and your guests have discussed several possibilities that could be hampering this. one is that subject two was injured in the shootout which injured and eventually killed his brother. he may have bled out somewhere. he may be in the basement of a building and because the search is going on methodically and slowly, they haven't found him yet. megyn, if you think back, who would have thought we would be
11:53 am
here only, what is it, 24 hours after these photographs were released by the fbi? this investigation is going very quickly, and i think that he will be found. i would like to say, however, that a colleague of mine, dr. lillian glass, and i wrote a book a year ago addressing the american population and trying to bring up their awareness level so that they could participate in their own security, and we anticipated that this day would come when attacks would not just be against military targets or even law enforcement or political centers or our financial centers but just among joe six pack watching a race. the most salient event in this whole bad week was these two brothers were able to walk into that many people, sit down two fairly large backpacks, and walk away and unfortunately, no one noticed. >> that is one of the reasons among many they want to take this guy alive. >> megyn: i mean, to ask more
11:54 am
questions about how it was done, whether there was help, and the latest information is that they're highly suspicious that these two individuals could have done it by themself and whether there's any international tie to the behavior of these men. let me just ask you quickly, vincent, before i let you go. now we're getting to the father on tape. it's going to have to know translated. we're in the process of doing that. we'll show you momentarily. i do want to ask you about let's say this doesn't end well for dzhokhar tsarnaev and he goes out suicide by cop, however it's going to happen. is there -- what would be the next best soarings o source of e about how he got to this point in life for the police? >> well, just from what i've seen, megyn, i think the two brothers were surprised, taken by surprise by this sharp turn of events, the release of their
11:55 am
photos. i think they were taken by surprise by law enforcement coming on them. i think they had more things planned. i bet where they live, their friends, their phone records, their social media will be a treasure trove of information and we'll eventually work back and find out about them. >> megyn: now i'm just getting in my ear, we're doing the translation. the father is in russia and is speaking in russian is my understanding. now we're translating his tape and we'll show that to the viewers shortly. i'm going to hold you over for a minute, vincent, while we get this ready to show and play for the viewers and ask you what now? what little be th will be the p? how will the police without any sight of them continue. let's say they finish and go door to door, 100% of the homes in the area and they still don't have him, then what? >> this has happened more than once. if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. they may go back and research.
11:56 am
they may have to expand the perimeter. i hate to use the word arbitrarily, but they come up with a perimeter they cordon off in which they're searching. if they don't find him in that perimeter, they may widen the perimeter but they may also re-search. there could have been preparations on the part of these two brothers to hide in rafters or under floorboards that maybe law enforcement missed the first time around. they're not going home. >> megyn: the police continue to search not just for this man but for anybody connected to him hing about this or may have provided help. vincent, thank you. we're cueing up the dad's film. this will be the first we've heard from the father of these suspects. party! awwwww... arigato! we are outta here!
11:57 am
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